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 Growing up one of five sisters, I learned to braid out of necessity which quickly turned into my biggest passion. I have been able to braid since as far back as I can remember and for that reason, I can't imagine a life without this skill. My favorite thing to do is develop ways to make the braiding process seamless for myself and my clients. 

Thanks to my amazing clients and their referrals, my work can be seen on  on prime time television shows as well as national commercials and digital advertisements.

In 2019 I launched my company, WrapCulture.


Privy to the task of sourcing reliable braiding hair, I was deeply inspired to provide braiders and their clients with affordable and reliable products to enhance the overall protective styling experience.

One of my career goals has always been to share my styling techniques with braiders all over the world. In January 2020 I was fortunate to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa to share my products and services with local braiders and salon owners. 

Ultimately I am striving to push the braid culture forward by educating braiders and providing resources that were not available to me in the early stages of my career. It is my hope that my influence will inspire braiders to reach unimaginable heights through commitment to their passion for the industry.

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